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    G. Girls – Cards game's review

    Published: 2014-03-04, by Peter Warrior.

    A CCG played with dice

    • Original artwork
    • Dice and card combination
    • Requires constant connection to the Internet
    • Insufficient tutorial
    • Lack of animations

    " death"

    If you snoop around app stores, you'll realize that there are as Collectible Card Games as you can imagine, and perhaps even a few you can't. In other words, it's a flooded genre where it's hard to find either originality or surprising gameplay. Same goes for artwork, which although it tends to be above average and full of delightful busty elves, angels or whatever, seldom gets far from manga-like design.

    I don't mean this game is the reinvention of the wheel, but at least it tries. Artwork is somehow westernized, though it could be more homogeneous and tidied. Gameplay is based on six four sided dice (6D4) where white results mean hits and the other can activate special abilities. You can keep those dice you want and reroll up to two times. Fights are fought by teams but are based on one on one brawls, where the player who won more rounds wins.

    In fact, it's a very straightforward gameplay allowing some strategy but not being too brainy. Unfortunately, there are no animations at all so we can't see our girls (yep, all characters are female, grunt, grunt) in action. UI is poor, to put it mildly, while what it might well be its worse flaw it's that it focuses since the very first moment in premium currency, which is hard to acquire without IRL money.

    In the end, an original and fast paced card game that could have been much more better if improved both in the technical and gameplay areas.

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