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Goblin Market is a game that uses the Decktet deck of cards

  • Original
  • Entertaining
  • Tutorial
  • We're missing online mode
  • Graphics and effects should be enhanced

"An original card game for Android"

There are six suits available (36 cards), for each suit there's an Ace and a Crow. Between them are the other cards numbered 2 through 9. These each have two suits. There are 3 cards for each numbered card. There are some special cards as "The excuse", "The Pawns" and "The Courts".

The game consist of a series of auctions (full instructions at Main Menu > "How to play" button). The game ends when the Auction Deck is exhausted. Players score points for cards in the three suits of which they've the most and lose points for cards in the remaining suits. The player with the most points wins.

Graphics and effects aren't stunning, but it doesn't matter in this kind of card/board games. Cards dealing and beating system runs quite smoothly (specially when playing against CPU). You can select up to 4 human players or play against CPU.

We appreciate original games, no matter the genre. We're used to review re-makes of old classic games or replicas. This is original, and that's its added-value.

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