Guts is a Guts poker game. Each player is dealt three cards down. Players look at their cards, and decide if they wish the play their hand. Each player must declare simultaneously if they are in or out. If only one player stays in, then that player wins the entire pot and the game ends. If no one stays in, then the next hand is dealt. If more than one player stays in, then the highest hand takes the pot, and the remaining player(s) must pay into the pot an amount equal to what was originally in it (match the pot).
1) You play against a robotic player in this game. To play the game :-
1.1) Click/press the menu option Start from the Welcome page.
1.2) Three cards are dealt to each player, you then click/press menu option In or Out depending on the strength of you three card hand. At the same time your opponent declares in or out.
1.3) If both players are in, the player with a higher rank hand win the pot. The loser has to put a bet amount equal to the pot in the next hand. You then click/press Next Hand to play next.
2) Ranking of three card poker hand:-
22.1) Straight flush. With highest from AKQ in any same suit down to 32A which A is treated as 1 in this case.
2.2) Three of a kind. AAA down to 222.
2.3) Straight. Three running rank cards with different suit, Highest is AKQ , lowest is 32A.
2.4) Flush. All cards are in the same suit. Flush with higher cards are better than flush with lower cards.
2.5) One pair. Rank from AAx to 22x
2.6) High card. Rank from A to 2
Note that there is no ranking among suits. Hands with equal ranking are tied.

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