Hold'em Probabilities

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    I wasn't happy with any of the Android poker odds apps -- many are slow, unreliable, and crowded with small text and buttons, many even give you false information! I made my own app that would be WAY simpler, WAY easier to use and give you exactly what you need for a calculating probabilities during a game as fast as possible.

    Most Poker Probability applications require inputing the cards in every player's hand. While this can be interesting in post-play analysis, it's not very useful for actual In-Game Strategy.

    HOLD'EM PROBABILITIES, on the other hand, uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate your chances of winning, tying, and losing, without knowing anything about the other players -- exactly simulating real gameplay. Calculate the exact strength of any pre-flop hand, then see how your chances change with the flop, turn and river. Learn to recognize exactly how different combinations affect your chances. Take all those tough Hold'em situations and calculate the best move.

    For a good android app that you'll actually use, a good interface is everything. Hold'em Probabilities is easy, fast and reliable. Supports simulation games of up to 7 opponents.

    This is the perfect tool for perfecting your game.