I Declare War: Solitaire

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    Play the fun card game of "War!" on your Android!
    When I was young we would call out "I... DE... clare... War!" then slam down the deciding card. :)
    You can play with 1/2 a deck of cards, for 13 each, or a full deck for 26 cards each.

    It has two modes as well, you vs the computer or you vs a friend on the same screen! (no NFC yet)

    You can also play standard war, or a "quick" version I read about on the web where the lowest card playable is pulled after it loses. This can quickly reduce the number of playable cards and increase the chances of a war! It's fun.

    In this game app you tap the little "thumb pad" to deal a card, flip the card and retrieve them for the next round.
    If there's a war, 3-cards are put to the side automatically.
    There is an option to show those cards, of the loser, or not.

    - Sound Effects
    - Music
    - Show lost "war cards"

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