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Jodete, also known as 150 or Descarte, is a cards game quite similar to UNO.

The goal is to end up without cards in your hand.

The game starts with five cards for each player and one on the table.

At turns, each player has to play a card on top of the card on the table, of the same suit or number of such card.

Before reaching the last card, the player must declare "Last card", in other case he will receive two cards as punishment.

There are some cards with special effects:
Two (2): Makes the next player to receive 2 cards, unless he has another two or a joker to play. This effect is cumulative, meaning that if one player plays a two and the second also do it, the third one will take 4 cards and so on.
Four (4): The next player is skipped.
Seven (7): The player has to play a second time.
Sota (10): This card allows the player to change the suit on the play.
King (12): Changes the direction of playing.
Joker: Works similar to the two, but makes the next player to take 5 cards instead of 2.

When a player reach 200 points or more, he is eliminated from the game. The last player on the game is the winner.

The points to add at the end of each hand are obtained from the cards that the player has not discarded. For example, if at the end of the hand a player has a one and a nine, he adds 10 points to his total points.

The two adds 20 points and the joker 50.

//.Translation to English and French by Alejandro Díaz-Caro.//

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Comments and ratings for Jodete
  • (69 stars)

    by Angel Zeitoune on 10/01/2014

    Muy bueno

  • (69 stars)

    by Richard Perrone on 09/01/2014


  • (69 stars)

    by Daniel Sanders on 11/12/2013

    Close to winning ai always make a comeback dont like a game that cheats rated 2 because it decently made and fun just not fun never wining no matter how close you get

  • (69 stars)

    by krtupesadilla king on 19/10/2013

    good bueno

  • (69 stars)

    by Erik Santiago on 11/09/2013

    Great app

  • (69 stars)

    by Federico Hertzulis on 30/08/2013

    Great game! It remember me when I play Jodete with my friends. Five stars!

  • (69 stars)

    by Achraf Abdelhafid Houssani on 28/08/2013

    I have a feeling that this game learns the way I play and adapts each time to it.