Lucky Seven Slots Plus

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    Lucky Seven Slots Plus is a great slot machine simulator to help pass the time! This slot game has all of your favorite lucky slot themes including shamrocks, lucky 7s, lucky horse shoes, crowns, and the four card suits. You can even store your account locally on your device in the cloud and no connection is even required which means you can play from any device or even from your Facebook account. Lucky Seven Slots Plus includes your favorite video slot features such as exciting bonus games, scatter symbols, wild, and free spins. Lucky Seven also includes the option to use boosts to double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple your winning on each spin as well as a new boost which makes your spins three times as fast. With our application you'll experience the full scale of emotions just like a real casino player would in Vegas but you won't risk losing a cent!

    ★ Better Odds than the regular free version.
    ★ No ads. No fees. Play for free.
    ★ Massive boosts!
    ★ Swipe down to spin. Swipe left and right to upgrade.
    ★ Get bonus coins every few minutes.
    ★ Progressive Jackpot where the more you play the bigger it gets.
    ★ Awesome Rag time theme music
    ★ Use your existing account from the free version.
    ★ Unique Minigame with enhanced payouts
    ★ Hardware acceleration (GPU) is used, if available.
    ★ Build using Adobe AIR. You need around 41MB free to run.

    This app is for use by people 21 and over for amusement purposes only.