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MegaJogos Card and Board Games's review


MegaJogos is an android application that gives users the chance to play chess, Chinese checkers and much more on their smartphones

  • Lots of Variety
  • Rules to Games Provided
  • Messy GUI
  • Bad Button Placement

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"MegaJogos: All Sorts Of BoardGame Fun!"


The game offers users several different board games that are well known. They keep the user coming back to try more and more, but the app itself suffers from design and development issues.


The game has a lot of variety and offers the user a lot in terms of content. It also provides the basic rules to each game. This helps newbies learn about games and also people from different regions learn about unknown games. Also, adequate and appropriate sound effects are provided for each game.


The biggest problem the game faces is the general interface and the layouts of menus. They seem counter intuitive and do not seem natural. The button placement is complicated as well. The game also suffers from lagginess.

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Anirudh Bathija

by Anirudh Bathija

Jun 03, 2015

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