Nine Game



The Nine is an exciting card game.

Current Android version has the following features:

- Full HD resolution is supported (up to 1920x1080)
- Three card decks graphics ("Atlasnye", "Renaissance" and "Skat")
- Singleplayer or multiplayer over Wi-Fi network

Gameplay rules:

The game consists of a number of rounds. At the beginning of a round each player stakes 30 coins at the Bank. Then cards are dealt among three players. The player with Nine of Diamonds starts the game. The next player (moving clockwise) can play either the Eight or the Ten of Diamonds, or Nines of other suits. Subsequently, a nearest ranking card in the suit can be played if the Nine of this suit has been laid out. An Ace is placed at most right side and a Six - at most left side.

If a player does not have a suitable card (e.g. You cannot play a Queen if a Jack of the same suit has not been played yet, etc.), he must pass lead and deposit 10 coins at the Bank.

The round is over when one player has played all his cards. This player is the winner. He takes all money from the Bank. After that, the next round can be played.

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