Order & Chaos Duels


Order & Chaos Duels's review

by Peter Warrior

A gorgeous CCG

  • Perfect for newcomers to the genre
  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Easy gameplay
  • Needs additional stuff and rewards
  • More spectacular battles would be deeply appreciated

"Everything seems quite ordered indeed"

Gameloft continues getting juice from its Order and Chaos franchise, this time in the form of a collectible card game

Every card of yours has an attack and a health rating, along any special skills. Game rules are quite simple, and it's matches are very solved in a few turns. In addition, as there are only four slots to deploy your units, there isn't much to deliberate. Once you have won your first duels, representing you have escaped from the gloomy dungeon you were kept prisoner, you can explore the world through a campaign or dare to look for other human duelists and fight them. Duels can be on live or asynchronous, which is in fact the best feature this game brings.

Of course, there's a bronze, silver and gold treasure chest system, which comes to be like purchasing booster packs. In the end, you'll have to break your piggy bank to purchase a premium chest unless you want to roam the world of Haradon with a legion of "common" minions.

Artwork is gorgeous but, as we are sadly used to, can't be saved unless you take screenshots on your own.

Order and Chaos Duels, even when it's a yet another Collectible Card Game, it's smoother and more accessible to all kind of players, so we can recommend it for any player eager to initiate himself in CC Gaming. Experienced players will enjoy its fast paced gameplay, but won't find the devilish complexity other similar games have.

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Apr 09, 2013

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