"Pig's tail" ~Play cards~



Can you stand up to this great deal of tension?

The game which make it tense comes on the application of smart phones.

□ You can choose "Battle mode" or "score mode".
- Battle mode
Let's make new animals appear by winning the single combat.

- Score mode
A match is played against four rivals and aim at high score.

□ Animals which serve as a rival are the 6 kinds in all, such as a pig, a cat, a dog, and a bear.

・Cards are taken out to the central part of the field by turns.
・Attack at the time of the following conditions
--The same suit of the card taken out before.
--The same number of the cards taken out before.
・"A feint attack" is effective to beguile rivals .
・At the time of the end of a game, the one with least number of cards wins the game.

Please experience the feeling of tension by playing "Pig's Tail".

【target Ver.】
2.3.3 ~

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