Poker 99 (Single player)



Ninety-nine is a simple card game based around addition and reportedly popular among gypsies. The addition is so simple, so it is also suit for little children learning math.

Single player, no need to wait other.
Multiple type NPC AI, we guarantee the NPCs never cheat.
Voice report numbers, it is fun.
Support both phone and tablet.
The only one 99 game in Google Play Store.

How to play
At the beginning of the game, five cards are distributed to each player, and remainder cards are placed on desk with backside up. The game is starting from human player and play in the count-clockwise order. After a player choose a card to play, the game will automatically draws a new card from desk for player, so the total cards in player's hand will not be changed. There is a running total displayed on the left bottom corner with value 0 initially. During the game play, the value of each card played is added to this running total which is not allowed to exceed 99. A player who cannot play without causing this total to surpass 99 is considered loser.

Functional cards
K:value is 99 no matter previous total value.
Q:value is -20, or +20.
J:value is 0, and current player is skipped. (PASS)
10:value is -10, or +10.
5:value is 0, and player can assign which player plays at next turn.
4:value is 0 and the order of play is reversed.

Other cards are normal card, which add card value to running total.

During each round of the game, the running total will eventually climb to 99, and once it has, it is not likely to decrease very much before someone is unable to play. The game's strategy, therefore, revolves around cultivating a hand that can survive for as long as possible once ninety-nine is reached. This consists of saving more functional cards while playing cards of large value. Another strategy is to raise the total to 99 early by use of the required card in the hopes of catching another player unprepared.

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Note1: Poker 99 includes mobile platform advertisement, there is a little network traffic during game playing.
Note2: To help improve the user experience, the game uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information when the game is running, including: game playing time, the brand and model of mobile phone or tablet, the Android system version, the game crash reports, and user locale language setting information. We _absolutely not_ (and without the relevant permissions) to collect any user privacy information, such as: Email account, address book contacts, name, phone number and other privacy information.

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