Poker Shuffle



Poker Shuffle is a combination of poker and solitaire. The objective is to place cards on a 5x5 grid so that the rows and columns form the best possible poker hand you can make. Each line with a valid poker hand is given a score based on how good the hand rank is.

Drag cards or tap an empty square to place cards on the grid. You are able to discard up to 5 cards from the deck by pressing the discard area. Touch a card to select it and then press another square on the grid to move the cards. When you are finished press submit to finish the game.

The poker hands are rated as follows:
100 Points - Royal Flush
75 Points - Straight Flush
50 Points - 4 of a kind
25 Points - Full House
20 Points - Flush
15 Points - Straight
10 Points - 3 of a kind
5 Points - Two Pair
2 Points - One Pair

If you enjoy this free game then check out "Poker Solitaire" which has 5 game modes including: Poker Square, Poker Jumble, Serpent Poker, and Poker Columns.

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