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Poker Swap Pro's review

by Peter Warrior

Poker based puzzle game

  • New approach to solitaires
  • Simple yet very entertaining
  • Graphics and sound can be improved far further.

"Nobody told me that a solitaire could be so stressing"

OK, there are poker cards, but Poker Swap isn't a poker game, but a puzzle game instead. There's a layout of 25 cards that you have to manage to get the best possible hands from up to down and left to right. Yes, we've said that it isn't a poker game, but that didn't mean that you don't need to know the basic poker rules to play.

By the way, there are a wide range of bonuses and special cards to obtain more time or score multipliers. If you make several good moves in a row you'll score a combo and records can be uploaded via Openfeint. It's obvious that it's easier to play it rather than explain it, though. On the other hand, however fun game may be, graphics and sound don't match it. Yes, perhaps it's only a puzzle game, but it deserved something animated and better designed.

This paid version is ad-free and helps Motu Tapu Games to develop more and better games. If you want to check it out first, look for the ad-supported version. It definitively deserves a go. At least, you'll be trying something new under the puzzlesphere.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Sep 28, 2011

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