Rentz (Card game)



Rentz, also known as Renz, Renț, King, Barbu or Bart is a card game for 4 or 6 players, you against the computers. It consists of 8 independent mini games. Please bare in mind that the rules may vary by country.
The rules are very easy, actually there is just one: Play a card of the same suit as the first one on the table. For getting tricks (taking all cards of the table), the card with the highest value counts. Every player is entitled by rotation to choose one of the 8 available contracts.

When you close the application or you get interrupted, don't worry, you can always continue the mini game you left before...

The mini games:

King of Hearts:
-80 pts for taking him

-20 pts for each Queen taken

-10 pts for each Diamond taken

No Tricks:
-10 pts for each trick taken

Rules 1-4 together:
All the above mentioned rules together

Get Tricks:
+50 pt s for each trick taken

Get Club 10:
+50 pts for getting Club 10 (looks like a clover)

Here, none of the above rules count. You must play all cards as fast as possible. Each suit is started with 8. If you are unable to play a card you must pass. The first player to get rid of all cards gets 300 pts, second 200 pts, third 150 pts, fourth 100 pts, fifth 50 pts, sixth 0 pts.

The winner is the one with the most points.

If you find any errors or you have suggestions, feel free to contact me through my email.

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