Roshamken Card Game



Roshamken is now available for free!!!

An all new easy to learn card game based around defeating others in the game of Paper Scissors Rock and getting the right cards in your hand. Roshamken is a game of prediction, tactics and a little luck! Trying to predict your opponents move is crucial for victory, as is trying to keep a steady flow of coins to help you control the game how you want to!

* 2 - 8 Players!
* Play against other people in pass and play or challenge the computer with 3 difficulty settings!
* Customise your own player tag with your name and any of the 25+ provided icons and tag designs!
* Each game you play earns you points to level up, even if you lose!
* Unlock many icons, tag designs, card themes and backgrounds as you play the game and fulfill certain conditions!

Thankyou for playing and I hope you enjoy it!

Please note: Roshamken requires the installation of the free Adobe Air package to play. If you do not have this installed when you run the app it will take you to the Play store to download it. The Adobe Air package is free and enables you to play many other Flash created applications and games.

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