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Of coin, By the Coin, For Coin, National Coin game. Declaration from ShaSha Coin!

Of Coin. ShaSha Coin is a game by using the coin, you should earn more coins by get rid of the last coin.

By coin. ShaSha Coin is a game that gets level point and level up by coin.

For coin. ShaSha Coin offers free coin in the store once a day for who are lack of coin.

◈ Hit the Jackpot! Rock-Scissor-Paper battle, Lotto and Race!

If your level rises, then you may do the Rock-Scissor-Paper battle.
Also, if you are in a specific level, you may join the Lotto and Race.
Expect to hit the jackpot by Rock-Scissor-Paper battle, Lotto, and Race.

◈ Effect of Rune!

In ShaShaCoin, you can buy rune with coin.
If you apply the rune, various of effects in the game become strong.
Get merits through rune forever.

◈Collect various character items!

Various events happen if you get character items.
Also, you can sell character items in the store to change into coin if you are lack of coin.

Chick item – Appeal on stage and dance flapping dance.
Sheep item- Appeal on stage and dance disco.
Cat item- Appeal on stage and dance pelvis dance.
Pumpkin item – Change into Halloween! 샤샤 who turned into a witch calls for huge pumpkin on the floor.

◈ Collect special coins!

Leaf coin – same with collecting 3 coins.
Question mark coin – Random with collecting coins from 1 to 3.
Blue coin – Cataclysmic if you get 5 blue coins! The ground pushes the coin.
Green coin – If you collect 5 green coins, trunk appeals and block the holes in each side.
Red coin – Turn into ice land if you collect 5 red coins! The coin is more push able.
Random coin – Get 1 coin randomly between blue, green, and red.
Black coin – If you lose 1 coin, a wolf appeals and attack 샤샤.

◈ Collect trophy by level up!
You can get trophy as your level goes up.
Get to the highest level and get every trophy.

◈ Check before game.

1. If you buy partially paid product, you can’t get refund. Please buy cautiously.
2. You can’t back up if you initiate the data or eliminate the game.
3. Please contact E-mail :ud4mclub@ud4m.comfor moreinformation.
4. Please attach name, cell phone number, type of phone, version of android, and screen shot.

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