Solitaire - Classic card game



Quadrimind Solitaire has a simple and intuitive interface with a smart gameplay that provides a dynamic game experience even in portable devices.

Great to relax, improve your concentration and practice your logical reasoning.

Main characteristics:

- Larger cards, easy to read and click
- The interface automatically adjusts for righties or lefties
- Hints during the game
- It’s possible to restart the game
- Card sounds and animations
- Multiple winning animations

Other great features:

- Unlimited undo steps;
- Statistics;
- Score (current and highest)
- Elapsed time (current and highest)
- Autosave;
- Turn 1 or 3 cards;
- Auto-move (with a single click);
- Drag and drop;
- Different card backs;
- Shortcuts:
--- Double click the screen to undo;
--- Two finger touch over the screen to move the cards to the foundations.

Solitaire is a classic card game that stimulates thinking and provides a lot of fun. With the Quadrimind Solitaire you can play this classic game anywhere on your mobile device

The Quadrimind Solitaire Classic is a Klondike Solitaire, that is the more traditional and classic solitaire. The cards are dealt in classic format with top 7 cells, a discard area for each suit and a stock of cards.

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