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    The game is simple, a deck of cards is shuffled and four cards are dealt.
    If more than one card is of the same suit you may remove the cards of the lowest value. For example: If you've dealt 8 of Spades, King of Diamonds, King of Spades and 7 of Hearts. 8 of Spades can then get thrown away as it's lower than the King of Spades. When all the lowest cards have been thrown away you can deal four new cards. If a card is on top of another, the card on the bottom is "frozen" and can't be moved. However if the card on top gets thrown away or moved the bottom card becomes active again. If you have an empty space you can move any card to it.
    To win the game you have to get rid of all the cards in the deck apart form the four aces. You have to play strategically and hope for a lot of good luck! No cheating - no undo! :)

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