Each of the four space on the top left,which is called transit cell,can store one card temporarily.While the four space on the top right is recovery units.You can move the cards among the transit cells freely,but in the recovery units, the cards in the same color must be placed in accordance with the order. When all cards are moved into recovery units,you win the game.Note that cards placed in the recovery units cann't be taken out any more.
1、In each column,only the card at the bottom can be moved, while the others are limited.And cards in the transit cells can be moved.
2、The game allows you to move the cards to three places.
a.the transit cells on the top left,if there is space.
b.the recovery units on the top right.The card 'A' can be moved to any unit at any time,then the other cards in the same color must follow the order.
c.the bottom of some column. It is the most important place.Cards moved there must be in sequence with the original ones.

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