Spades's review


A capable digital version of the popular card game.

  • Adds multiple game elements
  • Cannot undo moves
  • Change deck and style
  • It froze once
  • High-level wait time
  • Odd rules

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"Are You An Ace Of Spades?"


Spades is a popular card game played single or in teams. The point of the game is to be the first to go out, with no cards left in your hand. The game is based on Spades being the most powerful card. This version can be played single or multiplayer and comes with all of the right game mechanics.


Not all digital Spades game allow you to add a Joker, nils and more, but this one does, which is a nice touch. Also, now allowing players to undo a move, as it should be in real life, make it more realistic. You can also change the game style and deck that you play with.


It froze once when trying to connect up to a multiplayer game and needed to be reloaded. Once you start to reach higher levels, it takes longer to get into a game. There are some odd rule settings. For instance, the player with more bags should win.

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by William

Jun 03, 2015

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