Sweet Shop Poker



Experience Vegas-style video poker with Sweet Shop Poker. It's feel like just you're playing the poker machines at the casino, but you can curl up at home on the couch with some comfy pajamas instead. Sweet Shop Poker includes eight different poker variations designed for a single player, each with its own yummy strategy. It's like picking your favorite treat from a box of chocolates.

♣ Get your sweet tooth ready by playing the original video poker game, Jacks or Better. It's the classic five card draw game that got video poker started.
♣ Tens or Better makes one minor change. The most basic winning hand is a pair of tens instead of a pair of Jacks. Try it out for a nice change of pace.
♣ Next, take a bite of Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, or Double Double Bonus. Four of a Kind becomes more and more tempting in turn, and Four Aces will prove to be nearly as luscious as the big Royal Flush jackpot.
♣ Jokers Wild will have you coming back for "just one more bite". Obviously, the Joker card is wild, and that means you can make a hand with the ever-enjoyable Five of a Kind.
♣ Keep all your twos when you place Deuces Wild. It's like Jokers Wild, but you get to play with four scrumptiously wild cards.
♣ Finally, Jokers and Deuces combines both Jokers Wild and Deuces Wild. If you get all five wild cards in one hand, you'll indulge with 10,000 credits, the biggest jackpot in the game.

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