Tekken Card Tournament (CCG)


Tekken Card Tournament (CCG)'s review

by Peter Warrior

Namco's Tekken CCG

  • Beautiful animations and 3D characters
  • Intuitive and practical deck manager
  • Official Tekken franchise
  • Upcoming incredible updates
  • Expensive IAPs
  • When a Soul Calibur version?

"Alright Nina, show me what you got"

Perhaps we can't enjoy a Tekken version suited for mobile devices yet, but Namco hasn't let down its fans and has launched this substitute. It's a collectible card game, yes it is, but it comes with several major features that really make the difference from the standard card games. First off, because battles are animated and you can watch to the characters make their moves and combos. Secondly, because you manage different decks, one for each of your characters. As decks have a 16 cards end, you don't get lost into a myriad of strange and odd cards. Lastly, because even it can get rather complex, everything is pretty intuitive and enjoyable by experienced card gamers and Tekken fans who have been lured into this genre by witty Namco marketers.

Gameplay is also quite different from mana tappings or other systems. You choice among three actions: draw a card, attack with all your cards or block the first two enemy cards in case he or she tries to strike you. Therefore we have real control over what's happening. If we add this to an intuitive deck manager, we can tell that half the fight is won before, but the second half must be fought on the field.

Initial characters are Kazuya, Paul, Nina, Lili, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Panda and Law, sure you already know'em. You can play solo as long as you want, or you can dare to go online and challenge worldwide players. Cards are bought and sold, or can be fused into a more powerful one if you have two of a kind. In addition, you can always go to the bank to exchange real money for Mishima coins and purchase booster packs.

Last but not least, Namco announced a series of upcoming updates to integrate Augmented Reality into the game and a QR code system to get new cards. We look forward to that, as we do for more characters and costumes.

Flat truth, it's a great game. In-app purchases are expensive as hell, but you can play for free as long as you want. We deeply appreciate that Namco hasn't made use of its most popular franchise in vain and indeed innovated and developed a so entertaining game... while we wait for a real Iron Fist Tournament on our mobile devices.

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