TetraMaster Light



by Benedict Jäggi @ 2011, 2013

Gather cards by winning games.
Play with these cards to get even better cards.

From level 0 up to level 70+.

You can build a deck using the "To Front" button on the card list.
The first five cards are the deck, playable with the "Orange Cards" button.

Also you can play with 5 random cards from your card list
or 5 "real" random cards from level 0-10.

If you don't have enough cards in the card list, the remaining cards are
random level 0-10.

Opponents cards are level player_deck_level-6 to player_deck_level+4
(That is Level 4-14 if all your cards are level 10.)

Only one card in the card list because I played it on the phone and not on the emulator.
The first five cards are orange, the rest is blue.

Have Fun!

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