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Thimblerig aka 3 cups and a ball aka 3 shells and a pea aka Old army game is very well known game in which a pea or a ball is hidden under one of the 3 cups or shells. The operator (thimblerigger) shuffles cups and after shuffling the player must guess under which cup the ball is hidden. After shuffling the player is requested to enter a bet in order to double the money if she/he quesses the right cup. It is interesting and relatively easy game. If you see the game played on the streets do not engage! The game is operated by skilled conartists and their basi. The player has no possibility to win! Read more about the dark history of thimblerig from wikipedia (search term "shellgame").

In this app you can trust the thimblerigger. It would be too easy to play with just 3 cups and a ball. In this game you play in much harder table with 9 cups and 1 to 3 balls. In hardest levels you have to pick balls in predefined order which makes the challenge really tough! Turbospeed shuffling will roll your eyes and only the fittest brains will survive.

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