Up & Down



    (This is an academic project)

    Up & Down is a cards game played with four players, with reduced deck of 40 cards and there are no teams, each player plays only for himself. The goal is to do the highest number of tricks and not the highest number of points.
    There is also a phase in which you bet to play and a stage of exchanging cards, at the style of Poker.
    Before you start the game, each player picks up a score. Each match consists of a set of games where the score increases or decreases (hence the name Up & Down). The end of the game happens when a player manages to reduce his score to zero. It is played up in counterclockwise.
    Exists a suit designed as trump on the begin of a game. There are two suits with a special meaning: Trump clubs doubles the number of tricks won. The trump of hearts requires all players to go in the game.
    The tricks of each player are counted the following way: if the trump suit is clubs, the tricks worth two points, if it is another suit, each trick is worth one point. The players who have made at least one trick, it is subtracted to his overall score obtained in this game. The players who have not made any trick: it is added 10 points to the overall score if the trump suit is clubs or it is added 5 points if it is other trump suit.

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