Virtual Horse Racing 3D


Virtual Horse Racing 3D's review

Horse racing in the palm of your hand

  • Reasonable graphics
  • Quick load up times
  • Fluid animations
  • Needs more variety
  • No real strategy
  • So-so sound effects

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"Time To Place Your Bets!"


Do you love horse racing? If so, perhaps it's time to bring it down into your mobile device. With Virtual Horse Racing 3D, you can bet on your favorite horses and watch them go to the races. With things like horse and jockey details, you'll feel like you're at the derby.


The graphics are reasonable for a game of this type. Virtual Horse Racing 3D has quick load up times and a small footprint. the 3D horse racing animations are also fluid and without major lag.


There needs to be some variety to the gameplay, as it gets rather boring quite quickly. There really is no strategy or rhyme or reason as to why one horse wins and another doesn't. The sound effects are only so-so.

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by William

Dec 29, 2015

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