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    Waterfalls is a popular card game. To fully enjoy it, you must first have two basic things: a nice group of people and drinks available. The game follows these simple steps:

    1. Select a first person to draw the card. To do that, just touch the card's area.

    2. You and your friends must follow this card's rule. A clear explanation is available by clicking on the '?' button on the bottom of the screen.

    3. After your turn, the person next to you draws the next card and so on. Play the game in counterclockwise (the next person is on your right side).

    4. The game can be played in two basic different manners: either you can use one cellphone or any eletronic device that supports this application, and after your turn the next person uses the same phone or device, or if everyone playing have this application, the card can be drawn from each one's cellphone or device, you choose.

    5. Sit with your friends and be prepared to have lots of fun!

    Do not drink and drive, and make sure if someone playing this game is bellow 18, he/she is not consuming alcohol, it can be replaced with water, juice or anything else that doesn't have alcohol/drungs. Be responsible and don't drink too much. The meaning of this game is only to have fun!

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