3's Card Casino



Getting bored or waiting for someone!
Get ready for the gambling thrills of Las Vegas on-the-go,right at your finger strips,and all for FREE!
Play the popular casino game 3 Card Casino on Android.
Here is a game(3 Card Casino) which can keep you engage you for hours for the card lovers.
In 3 card Casino you need to tap the deal icon..
The three cards will appear over the screen.If it doesn't suits ,you can fold it also. If favours then tap he play icon.pair plus is a option for risk lovers.
* Authentic gambling experience!
* The more$$$ you win the higher you can bet!
* Play by genuine casino rules
* Competitive game center Leader boards
* Engaging scoring features

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Select the chip amount by tapping over it and then tap ante to place the bet.If you wish then you can also set the amount on pair plus as ante. Then click the ante

button and play or fold accordingly.

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