Balloon Blast




    Unique 3 same color balloons pop!
    Free for Android!
    Pop connected bubbles of the same color.

    This app is a classic puzzle and logic game.
    Bubble Blast is a fun and entertaining game that will keep you interested for hours on end.

    As a kid, you must love to play with a balloon. You may often blow the balloon and pop it! Enjoy the pop fun. Have you ever tried different balloons pop? Blast your balloons.

    Or, you may have a kid playing with balloon. Worried about his safety from pop? Let your kids play this game for fun! You know, it will also educate his puzzle activity. It can explore his brain.

    This app may offer you confusing balloons, which may increase your recognizing difficulty.
    Try to do better!
    Let's pop balloons to explore this maze world.

    * Highly addictive
    * Friendly and easy to use interface
    * Nice design, easy to manage
    * Touch interface
    * Totally free
    * Endless play
    * Brain training

    Balloon Blast is a fun, casual game that is easy to learn and offers many hours of enjoyment.

    1. There are 5 colors of balloons.
    2. You can see 8 balloons in every column.
    Some of them may have the same color.
    While, some of them may be different from each other.
    3. What you should do is that make the same color balloons together and blast them.
    4. Once blasted, you may get more balloons.


    1. Select balloons with the same color and let them burst. At least three balloons.
    2. First select a group of balloons, then break them with a click.
    3. You can move the balloon in each column to another column by using you finger, to make groups of colors.
    4. You also can move the balloon in each bar to another.
    5. If you can make more than 3 balloons together, you may do it better.

    Have fun!
    This app tests your hand eye coordination.

    Download Balloon Blast for free now!!
    Just have a try, you'll find it really a good game!
    If you want more functions, send me an email.
    Any problem if it exists, tell me, please.
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