Play classic single player card game and logic game Solitaire! This popular old-school board game and eye teaser will test your wits, patience, strategy and luck.
You have a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is won when all cards are moved into the 4 foundations of cards per pile increasing from Ace (low in this game) to King. You have seven tableau piles in your screen. Move the cards from one tableau to another by arranging them in descending order and with alternating colors. Complete piles can be moved if they are built down by alternate colors. Any empty piles can be filled with a King.
Simply drag/drop or tap-to-move cards with your fingers on the screen for intuitive control.

Solitaire features:
- New version of the game with old known rules;
- Addictive card game for everybody who wants to get on a roll;
- User-friendly control and nice graphic;
- Luck game, puzzle, brain trainer and brain teaser in one app;
- Absolutely free.

Have a good time with new Solitaire game! Use your brains and complete the patience game within the shortest possible time! Good luck!
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