Tabinet (Card game)

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    Tabinet, or also known as Tablica, Tablic, Tablanet, Tablonet, Tablanette is a very famous card game from eastern Europe.

    You play against the computer. The goal is to win the cards on the table, by playing cards of equal value. Each player will receive six cards. In sequence, each player places a card on the table.
    With his card he can collect:
    One card with the same value of his card. A group of cards, whose total value is equal to the value of his card.
    K is 14, Q 13, J 12, Ace 11 or 1 as you wish, etc. For example, a King makes it possible to take a King, or one Nine and one Five, or two Seven.
    If you cannot take cards from the table, you need to place a card of your choice. When the players do not have any more cards, each one receives 6 new cards, until the main stack is empty.

    The winner is the one with the highest value of the cards taken.
    For taking cards/points first choose/tab the cards on the table then the one in your hand. Choose/tab first the one in your hand if you want to put that one on the table.
    There are two levels available: hard and easy.

    have fun!

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