Contract Whist (Oh Hell)

Contract Whist (Oh Hell)

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The game is a close variation on Romanian whist, Oh Hell, Oh Pshaw, Nomination Whist, Up the River, Up and down the River, Vanishing Whist, Hell Yeah!, Get Fred, Gary's Game, Diminishing Bridge, Blackout, O'Shay, Oh Shit, Nah Pearse, German Bridge in Hong Kong.

Contract Whist is a free trick based card game where you play against 2-5 AI opponents or live online multiplayer. You play with a standard deck of playing cards. Play consists of 2 phases.

Bidding Phase:

The bidding phase is where each player selects the number of tricks they think they are going to win in that hand. You select your bid by use of the bid buttons. The last player to bid cannot bid to make the total bids equal the number of cards in the hand. This is so that not all players are able to win as many tricks as bid. The number bid represents the exact number of tricks that player thinks they will win not the lowest number of tricks they think they will win.

Play Phase:

The play phase starts with the player to dealer's left selecting any card from their hand. Each player then follows by playing a card of the same suit if possible with the highest card winning the trick. If a player has no cards of the same suit they may either discard an unwanted card or play a trump.
The trump suit is indicated in a box to the top-right of screen.
Trumps have the effect of beating the suit led and once one is played the highest trump wins the trick.
The trick winner then starts the next trick by again selecting any card from their hand. If "NT" is displayed in the Trumps area there are no trumps in this hand.


After the hand is finished each player is given 1 point for every trick they won and an additional 10 points if they won as many tricks as they bid.
The score-sheet is displayed with the number of cards in the hand in the furthest left column and the players' scores so far in the remaining columns.

Romanian Whist:

Romanian whist is a variation on contract whist where only the top cards are used to make 8 per player e.g. 3 players only A,K,Q,J,10,9 are used. The number of cards in the hand starts at 1 and there is 1 round like this per player, then the number of cards increases by 1 each round to 8, then there is 1 round of 8 for each player. Lastly the number of cards decreases back to 1 and then there is 1 round again per player. In the long version cards start at 8, go to 1, then back to 8. Trumps are decided by turning the top card after the deal. If you have a trump and trumps are not led you must play the trump. If the number of cards is 8 then there are no trumps. Each player scores the number of tricks they bid plus 5 if they make the contract. If they miss the contract deduct 1 for each trick over or under.

Now with added multiplayer!

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Recently changed in this version

v2.01 Added multiplayer beta version. Please email with any feedback.

v2.1 Added hard AI difficulty (may be slow on some devices). Double points if you beat it!

v2.4 Added transfer of old ratings (email for this).

v3.1 Settings button back for phones

Comments and ratings for Contract Whist (Oh Hell)
  • (51 stars)

    by Leslie Winans on 10/12/2014

    Kudos to Alex and his patience with explaining the game to me. Now I enjoy it and I'm learning to strategize using the multiplayer feature

  • (51 stars)

    by Anthony Dumitru on 05/12/2014

    Indiferent de numarul jucatorilor, la joc de 1, cand sunt primul jocul se blocheaza de fiecare data.

  • (51 stars)

    by Jay Thomason on 27/11/2014

    i have to remember the bid button orderby memory since the app is trying to give me permant zoom making everything larger. numbers on bid icons are not visible

  • (51 stars)

    by Jovan Jeromela on 22/11/2014

    Great simple app. Too bad there are always too few players in the lobby.

  • (51 stars)

    by Mark McEwen on 15/11/2014

    We play this game a lot with family. Like the game, but still has bugs. Sometimes if I have the lead on first hand of the game it will freeze after I make my bid and I have to start a new game. The ai is also a little illogical sometimes, but quite predictable.

  • (51 stars)

    by Namraa Eleslambouly on 31/10/2014


  • (51 stars)

    by Alex Brown on 27/10/2014

    When playing against the Ai or computer, they hide books made. This game is created to flustrate the player. ---------------Reply to Developer: I actually have video of this occuring on 3 occassions. Since the game was free, there's no need for me to place the recording on youtube. So I settled on posting a review.

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