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大老二 神來也大老2(Big2)

大老二 神來也大老2(Big2)

1,000,000 - 5,000,000 downloads

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Big2 - The No.1 Online - Everyone’s Favorite Big Two

♠ Play as guest, no registration required
♠ Rated 5 stars by our players
♠ Over 20 million players worldwide, join tables in no time
♠ Play free: Get as much as 1200 chips to start out with
♠ New Card Exchange function lets you draw up to 3 new cards

= Big2 for Android Features =
♥ Classic Taiwanese Big Two, also known as Deuces
♥ Over 20 million players - tap twice and you're in
♥ Single round games let you play even when you're short on time
♥ Loads of gifts, daily bonuses
♥ New reconnect function - bet with confidence
♥ Easy-to-use controls you can use with just one finger
♥ Use Interactives (emoticons) to talk to friends
♥ Daily tournaments now available! Compete anywhere, anytime using your phone!
♥ Verified members gain 888 daily chips!

= Newest Android Version =
♣ Updated table design
♣ New cool titles wait for you to be earned!

= Rules =
♦ The player with the 3 of clubs begins by playing this card or any valid combination containing it. Then players go clockwise playing their combinations on top of the current one. If they don't have a valid combination they must pass. If all three other players pass you can either play another combination on top of the current one or start a new one. Whoever loses their hand first wins!
♦ Valid combinations are: (single, pair, Straight, Full House) < Four of a Kind < Straight Flush < Dragon.
♦ The last three combinations (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Dragon) are called Monsters because they can override smaller combinations of any type, whereas non-Monster combinations can only override smaller combinations of the same type.
♦ Once you choose to pass you can't play the current combination anymore and have to wait until a new one is started (this complies with the official Big Two regulations).

= Additional Notes =
♦ Users can use their existing Gamesofa, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play
♦ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other account to login, please see our “Account
Conversion” page for more details:

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♠ 最多玩家評鑑5顆星
♠ 免費遊戲:立刻下載可得1200神幣
♠ 新增換牌局玩法:手牌換3張,斷順變鐵支

-Android大老二 遊戲特色-
♥ 正統台灣大老2遊戲(又稱步步高升)
♥ 全球2,300萬玩家,按兩下就入桌
♥ 首創快速1手局,等車也能玩一把
♥ 贈幣超多:步步高升連續登入,天天領獎勵
♥ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕
♥ 一指出牌,操作直覺流暢,手感真實,爽度破表!
♥ 互動道具表心意,跟朋友打大老2更有趣!
♥ 每日撲克賽事登場!手機隨時拚排名、贏獎金!
♥ 認證會員免費補幣至888,每天都能免費玩線上大老二撲克遊戲

-Android Big2 改版內容-
♣ 新增撲克牌桌,除舊佈新財神到!
♣ 至尊大老二,閃亮稱號等你拿!

-Android 大老2 遊戲規則-
♦ 步步高升正統玩法
可以出的牌型: (單張、一對、順子、葫蘆) < 鐵支 < 同花順 < 一條龍。後面三種(鐵支、同花順、一條龍)稱為怪物牌型,怪物牌型可以隨時出牌,壓制任何比自己小的牌型,其他非怪物牌型者,僅能壓制相同牌型,不同牌型不互壓。
若您選擇壓著牌不出,該輪牌型結束前,都不能出。這是正統賽制型大老二的規定。 在某回合牌型中,若您有牌可出,卻選擇PASS,您在該輪牌型結束前,都不能出。

♦ 換牌局玩法

♦ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩
♦ 若您之前使用MSN, Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」

Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆

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Comments and ratings for 大老二 神來也大老2(Big2)
  • (74 stars)

    by Siignification on 11/11/2014

    Its really good, rules arent what i usually play. 5 cards of diff numbers colour/symbol should be able to put out, not straight colour. The clubs being the least value is wrong as diamonds should be smallest instead of clubs.

  • (74 stars)

    by Robin Ding on 04/11/2014

    love it

  • (74 stars)

    by hoang phuong on 01/11/2014


  • (74 stars)

    by Kun Tang Chen on 14/10/2014


  • (74 stars)

    by Ang sheau huey on 09/10/2014

    Nice game

  • (74 stars)

    by agnes tang on 29/09/2014


  • (74 stars)

    by rowellson santos on 02/09/2014

    How to have coins if finish already?cannot play anymore?must wait for how long to have coins and play again?