BlackJack with Miku Hatsune



Miku Hatsune and blackjack are made.

It seems that the technique which a card distributes has a difference although strength does not change.

* This game is not a krypton formula application.
It is a game of secondary creation.

Please understand the situation beforehand.
The illustration currently displayed on > cards about the copyright of < VOCALOID character, a peer -- what drew the character "MEIKO, KAITO, Miku Hatsune, Kagamine Lynn, and Kagamine Wren" of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC. based on the pro character license is used.

the VOCALOID character picture currently displayed on the card -- a peer -- I borrowed from what is uploaded by Mr. Pro.

The icon of 2to10 of each cards is allowed to use the icon of nigo work.

The great illustration immediately after starting is allowed to use 蜜村(Mitsumura)'s "Mikuluka."

About the other picture (picture currently used for A-J-Q-K), I am displaying the name of the person who drew on the lower left of a picture.

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