a daily stress -- do you explode coin intently and cancel?
Familiarity coin dropping becomes still more invigorating in a game center, and it comes for your cellular phone!
CoinBomb(s) are free 3D coin dropping and coin dozer system game.
Since intense explosion will be caused if coin is dropped, it is the best for stress alleviation!
It is a top-level stress alleviation game!
shapely -- feeling -- since it is an invigorating coin game, please play.
■ Game explanation
- If coin falls from the side of - stand which will have and whose coin will increase if coin falls from this side of - stand that coin will fall from on a screen if the tap of the screen is carried out, coin will not increase in number.
■ Coin
- if coin is dropped continuously, the coin which increases Combo and can be got will increase in number - it has, when coin is less than 100 sheets and it passes for a definite period of time, it has, and coin increases in number -- by having, also when not having played - game, if coin is to 100 sheets, increase
■ Display
- Total : old sum total acquisition coin
- Coin : it has and is the number of coin.
- Combo : the number of continuation coin acquisition.
-MaxCombo whose coin which can be got with this number increases: It is the old number of the maximum combos.
* Since it is under work still more, if there is an opinion request, I will need your help to a comment or Twitter by all means.

Tags: funky night coin fever コイン 増えない

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