About slot machines happy zoo

This is a 9 line slot machine 8
The maximum bet per line 10
2 times per rotation opportunity, after the end of the first turn, can directly click wheel,
live want to keep hold of the image, and then press the spin rotation for the first 2

8 kinds of animals, eagles, tigers, lions, zebras, monkeys, raccoons, pandas, koalas
And 6 kinds of food by the Jiali Ye, meat, bamboo, banana, grass, apples

3 kinds of food can be collected to feed BONUS GAME

The relationship between food and animals:
Eagle, tiger, lion feeding meat
Zebra grass fed
Monkeys fed bananas
Apple raccoon feeding
Feeding Bamboo Panda
Koala leaf feeding by the Jiali

When the disk for the same animals, the score obtained JACKPOT

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