Heaven and hell? It can aim an



Heaven and hell? It can aim and is 100 million yen ? coin dropping.
No one but [ 3D graphics ] overly epoch-making slanting viewpoint coin dropping is born.
The third phase appearance of a Doppelganger Inc. coin dropping game!!
Characters with a child to a various old person appear.
It is a great mistake when thinking a mere coin game.
It gets into the taboo of the industry and realizes.
life -- being also sour -- it is also sweet -- this game as which all were expressed.
change -- also collecting -- means.
It is also means to hold a lot of money.
All are the results of your efforts.
Now [ life ]?
a bomb may explode -- ? (?'?`?)
moreover, sometimes, a sheaf of notes may fall -- ? (?'?`?) -- the friend friend who adheres also falls again at a certain time --
But it is life.
Continue beating the enemy of life intently aiming at 100 million yen!!
It is over the level 100 then [ Mr. ]. --

Tags: funky night coin fever 増えない , プッシャー ゲーム スマートフォン 物理演算 , 天国と地獄~目指せ1億円~コイン落とし

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