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So, you were trusted just with the task to bring your chips to a Poker night, but you had no time to reach your place or you just didn’t remember to bring the chips with you?, I understand you, I’ve been in that situation, and instead of using your own money as poker chips (money that can get lost in the table) I decided to provide you with a solution that you will like!

A Poker Chips Manager app to handle all those Friday games with your friends, you won’t ever again lose your coins on the table anymore! You will save your precious time to do something else instead of running back at your place for a bag of fake money.

You can customize your avatar, and your friend’s avatars with just a couple of taps in no time!

This app contains the rules of the texas holdem poker, it will manage your rounds, your dealer, your blinds, your small blinds, your fake money, and it will make you happy because you are saving time and playing much more.
It’s is designed with you in mind, there is a set of instructions in game but I bet you 1 poker chip you won’t need them, since the interface is so intuitive and by getting this free app you are proving that you are actually a smart person that values time!

Customizable Names.
Simple to use.
12 Avatars.
Rules of Texas Holdem

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