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Poker Lotto is a game simulating the playing of Poker Lotto. Poker Lotto has two ways to win, an instant win poker game and a traditional lotto draw in which lotto numbers are replaced with playing cards from a 52-card deck. You buy a Poker Lotto for $1. The lotto consists of five cards. If the five cards form a poker hand of a pair of Jack or better, you instantly win according to the Instant payout table below. Then there is a lottery draw of five cards. If your five cards match the five cards of the lottery draw, you get paid according to the Draw payout table below.

Instant payout table :
Royal Flush $5,000
Straight Flush $500
Four of a Kind $175
Full House $75
Flush $50
Straight $20
Three of a Kind $5
Two Pair $2
Pair of Jacks or better Free Play

Draw payout table :
Match in any order
5 out of 5 cards $100,000
4 out of 5 cards $500
3 out of 5 cards $25
2 out of 5 cards $5

Poker hand rankings :
A card consists of a suit and a rank. The suit is either a spade, a heart, a diamond, or a club. The rank runs from ace(A), king(K), queen(Q), jack(J) , 10 and down to 2. An ace(A) ranks highest and 2 ranks lowest. Cards with same rank of different suits are equal .
The rankings of the 5 cards from highest to lowest are as follow:-

1) Royal flush. AKQJ10 in any same suit.
2) Straight flush. With highest from KQJ109 in any same suit down to 5432A which A is treated as 1 in this case.
3) Four of a Kind. AAAAx down to 2222x
4) Full House. AAAKK down to 22233
5) Flush. All 5 card with any same suit, higher rank flush is higher than lower rank flush.
6) Straight. Five running rank cards with different suit, higher rank straight is higher than lower rank one. Highest is AKQJ10 , lowest is 5432A.
7) Three of a Kind. Rank from AAAxx to 222xx
8) Two Pair. Rank from AAKKx to 3322x
9) One Pair. Rank from AAxxx to 22xxx
10) High card. Rank from A to 2

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