Simple Rule
    Tap the screen when you see the "!" .

    The story of the Warring States period.

    Beard cat king: "The matter grows serious."
    Tortoiseshell cat samurai: "What's the matter?"
    Beard cat king: "My princess was Kidnapped!"
    Tortoiseshell cat samurai: "!!"
    Beard cat king: "This letter arrived."
    Tortoiseshell cat samurai: "Well, well. Let's see."

    I got your princess.
    It's give me all of the territory that have the differents If you want to return.
    I'm waiting for a good answer.
    ha ha ha...

    Tiger cat king

    Tortoiseshell cat samurai: "I will regain your princess."
    Beard cat king: "Oh! It is very dangerous. Are you okay?"
    Tortoiseshell cat samurai: "Do not worry. It is sufficient for 3 seconds."

    Stake your life on 3sec!

    It's 3sec samurai.

    3sec samurai is simple reflection game.
    What is in the below is all the steps.

    1. Wait until a signal is given.
    2. If a signal is given, tap a screen!
    3. Defeat enemies who kidnapped a princess!

    There are only 3 seconds time that was given to you.
    Let's help the princess to defeat more enemies.
    It is possible to get more points about reflection speed is fast.

    This game use Google+ game system.
    If you login Google+, can get decoration and ranking.

    [Buy samurai money]You can buy the samurai money to exchange an item.
    [Login]You can use ranking and get decoration.
    [Bonus]You get bonus so as to defeat samurai money.

    [Mind's eye]Time before an enemy moving is displayed.(You can revive when defeated.)
    [Lazy]An enemy becomes slow, and it becomes easy to win.(You can revive when defeated.)
    [Respawn]You can revive when defeated.

    Support Device
    AndroidOS 2.2 beyond

    VIBRATE : Use on game effects.
    INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Use on the Internet. For example Google Analytics and Admob
    BILLING : Use on In-app Billing.

    3sec SAMURAI analyzes access in order to improve the application.
    We ask you to feedback about bugs and ideas.
    Please send e-mail to '' or post reviews on Google Play.

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