A Singing Wolf



A Singing Wolf or Singing Star Wolf , an Whole new funny game in Talking friends Series.

After a great great ... success in Talking Wolf 2 , which it rank in Top 3 Pop games, and

got a 2,000,000 downloads in 3 month,and it all thanks to your guys.

Now , we make this whole new game with new funny points ,whole you love the new wolf charactor.

The Wolffy is even more better than the 'Good Voice' of US ,he is going to join the American Idol..


1. Change in the recording voices ,now it's not that noise when you don't wish wolffy to talk.

2. Add the Guitar ,click the 'Guitar' button , The Wolf will turn into a guitar palyer ,and play

the song for you .

3.Add the Piano ,click the 'Piano' button ,the Wolf will become a Piano Master, and teach you

how to play the piano .

SO ,what you waitting for ? Go and download it... And Share with your friend or family ..

Singing Wolf is maked by Yaaly Game Studio , we have developed a lots of game

for Lots famouse game company , and now we decided to stay out to service your

gays derictly ,and hope you like it .

All ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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