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Abduction! is a platform game in which you have to help a cow up to sky until it reaches the UFO

  • Tilt controls
  • Extra characters and game modes
  • Kid-friendly gameplay
  • Addictive
  • We didn't find any, did you?

"The abducted cows have come back willing to save the world again"

Abduction! 2 is the new version of Abduction!. It comes with new worlds, new characters, extra game modes and other extra features. This is the full version (€1.59).

The gameplay is as simple as addictive. You have to help the bouncy cow up the sky through movable platforms until it reaches the UFO. In your way, you have to collect as much flying gifts as you can, since they improve your final score and gives you extra-skills (big jump, extra-life...). Watch out because sometimes instead of gifts you will find bombs. You will be able to post your score online. Be careful, because if you fall down and you don't find a platform in your falling, you will lose and you will have to start again from the bottom. There isn't joypad though, you have to control the cow movements with the accelerometer, that's it, by moving your device to the left and to the right. We think that this point if what makes it so addictive.

There are different game modes: "quick game" (only one level), "adventure" (advancing throughout different levels in the cow world), "classic mode" (only available in this paid version) and "kids" (as the adventure mode but easier). What's more, the "shop" to get extra features and characters, and the "customize" to personalize levels. It has to be said that you can create different player profiles to save your own configuration. Will you reach the UFO or will you give up before getting it?

Abduction! 2 has been developed by Psym Mobile, an emerging developer focused on flash-based games for Android, which strong point is the simplicity of their gameplay. Simple but addictive, the formula for success.

If you like platform games you will love this one: the comic-based graphics, the controls with the accelerometer and its timewaster-nature is what makes it a great game. Abduction! 2 also includes different game modes, extra-characters and features. The improvements are noticeable and turn it into a must have.

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