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    【1】Fun & Cool Game Background Story
    Calling all BOYS, GIRLS and KIDS Gamers out there, Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to be the fastest chocolate packer this side of the world. But being the world's fastest sorter of Apple, Orange and Mint flavored chocolate won't be easy, but heck, when has it ever been?

    【2】Fun & Cool Free Mode/Features
    ▼Classic mode▼
    Incredibly addicting modes for kid gamers, girl gamers and boy gamers, see how fast you can sort out all the chocolate.

    ▼Time Attack Mode▼
    Quick fun for 60 seconds, boys and girls will love this mode.

    ▼Life Time Task▼
    Stay at the top of your friends, challenge your friends.

    【3】Detail Fun Game Mode
    ▼Details on Each Addicting Game Mode▼
    1) Classic Mode
    You have 60 packs of chocolate to sort, just how fast can you do it?
    The timer's ticking! Boys, Girls, Kids and Children out there, what are you waiting for your favorite chocolate are waiting to be sorted out.

    2) Time Attack Mode

    The boss needs to send out as many packs of chocolate as possible in
    60 seconds do well and maybe you'll get promoted! Challenge and see how many chocolate you can sort in 60 seconds.

    ▼Boys Games▼
    Boys out there can compete with your friends, classmates, schoolmates and families. You compete by seeing how fast you can finish packing chocolate. The faster you finish the better!

    ▼Girls Games▼
    Girls out there, you can compete with your friends during girls talk. Lets see who is the fastest in sorting chocolate.

    ▼Kids Games▼
    Kids, I am sure you love chocolate, so what you are waiting for? If you don’t sort fast you won't be getting any chocolate so you better hurry!

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