ai Spy

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    Based on the classic 'I spy with my little eye..' game, your aim is to guess what the ai picks from the image.

    The game consists of 15 scenes (more with exclusive updates), each scene has multiple points which can be picked out by the ai.

    Great fun when you have a couple of minutes to spare.

    The game can be quite challenging, but a useful hint system is available by clicking the bulb in game. The hint system gives a letter to the user each time the bulb is clicked up to the point where 2 letters remain to be solved.

    ai Spy uses Swarm which allows the use of achievements. A Swarm account is not required but is recommended to keep track of achievements earned.

    Free version also available.

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    image attributions:
    scenario11 =>Image: africa /
    scenario12 =>Image: Evgeni Dinev /
    scenario13 =>bk images /
    scenario14 =>Image: Bernie Condon /
    scenario15 =>Image: Matt Banks /

    Tags: i spy, game , шпион на андроид