Aladdin - Twisted Fairy Tale



Aladdin - Twisted Fairy Tales is a spot the difference game with unique scenes from a different type of Aladdin story. Check how accurate your eyes are on this beautifully drawn game.

You can choose the scene you want in the fun and easy going traditional mode or test your speed in the challenging survival mode. In traditional mode you create the story as you play. In survival mode there is only one difference shown at a time and you try to beat the clock and spot all fifteen in each scene.

-Relive the classic tale of Aladdin, with a twist!
-23 beautiful, hand-drawn levels
-Three modes of play!
-Normal - Limited Time, Limited Hints, Bonus Rounds for Extra points!
-Nice & Casual - No Time Limit, Unlimited Hints, No Bonus Rounds
-Challenge - Items are rotated, Words have missing letters, Double Score Bonus Rounds

-Three ways to discover your items!
-Find them by PICTURE
-Discover them by their WORD
-Discern them from SILHOUETTES

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