Alpaca Evolution Begins


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Raise a mutant ungulate of your very own

  • Mutant alpacas
  • Just one more level...
  • Beyond useless

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"Alpachaos: The Prequel"

Note: This game is exactly the same in spirit and gameplay as its predecessor, Alpaca Evolution. The one difference is that you must decide whether to "Rule" or "Obey" after the first evolution; the subsequent evolutions will differ accordingly.


Sometimes a game falls juuuust on the right side of stupid, and you keep telling yourself to cut it out already but what if you kept it just a few days more, just to see what the next evolution of the mutant alpaca looks like?? COCOSOLA's Alpaca Evolution Begins is completely ridiculous and there's no reason you should download it. And yet.

Tend to a field of alpacas. Watch them meander hither and thither. One 'paca, though, is under your direct control, and he's out for blood. Smack the others in the herd with your neck and watch them crumple to the ground, then eagerly stuff them into your own body for absorption. You read that right, yes. Accumulate enough of your brethren and you'll level up, mutating in terms of musculature and quantity of limbs.

There's nothing else here, no strategy, no skillfulness. The music can be switched on and off, and there's a small card wherein you may read details regarding your current stage of evolution. It's very base, completely useless.

I, too, scoffed, and heartily. Like millions of other users, I apparently have yet to uninstall the thing. I can't in good conscience recommend COCOSOLA's Alpaca Evolution in terms of adding value to your Mobile Experience. And yet.

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