Angry Chicken Food



Its a good addictive game from joltatech. You can play this game same as angry birds. Its so simple but very enjoyable. You can pass the chicken through the hot oven to make it fried. Then serve it to your customer. Hurry up, your customers are awaiting for food, they are already placed order to you.

• Multiple categories are added.
• 45 Fully Playable levels are built.
• Nice sound and graphics animations.

How to Play:
• Push the sling by finger.
• Set your target angle to pass the chicken from hot oven (Only from flame) and release the sling to let is pass.
• It will be stayed in oven for a while, and will be served to your customers...
• If you have done it correctly, then Congratulations!
• If missed, you may try again.

A Game by Joltatech

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