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Catch a variety of donuts but watch out for the angry donuts, they will make you sick and slow you down. Catch falling coffee cups for a temporary caffeine boost and eat apples to heal. How many donuts can you catch and how high can you score? Only one way to find out!


•Simple addictive gameplay!
•Variety of donuts to catch
•Increasing difficulty of levels only limited by your skill!
•High Score Save
•Random elements ensure no two games are the same!
•Perfect casual game to play anywhere
•Runs smooth even on lower end devices

NOTE: This is a re-release of the previous Angry Donuts. Do to a lost keystore file we were unable to update the last game. However, great news is we now have a new keystore file and will be able to update this new version! To see what has changed, please see the 'What's New' section.

Release History:

-Re-compiled for improved stability

-Fixed problem in last update which caused issue in launching game

-Improved device compatibility
-Game no longer exits on certain devices

-Screen no longer wraps on horizontal directions
-Increased stability on certain devices

-Early levels are now easier
-Less angry donuts appear on early levels and increase as levels are beat
-Increased dropped donuts to 12
-Picnic baskets come out slightly less often

-Performance improvments

-Improved voice clips and added several more
-Added 3 new sprinkle donuts
-Added a basket, when caught full health and erases all donuts dropped
-Reworked scoring
-Level now start out easier
-Level advance fixed and will now go past first level

-Fixed score icons to show proper amount for donut types catched
-Removed advertisments while in menus or exiting game, small top banner still remains
-Removed some voice sound effects and reduced how often others play
-Improved performance on all devices
-Added option on main menu to turn music on/off
-Current high score is now shown in game and updated if it is beat
-Default high score is set to 5000

-Performance improvements

-Fixed major graphic glitch that entered into v1.0.2

-Various performance improvements
-Improved device compatibility
-Angry Donuts are now green and easier see with glowing red edges
-Apples can be picked up for extra health
-Level completion now gives +35 Health and -2 Donuts Missed
-Unlimited levels!
-Added level counter to keep track of how many levels completed
-Fixed issue with any caffeine above 1 was permanent increase

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