Animal Voyage:Island Adventure


Animal Voyage:Island Adventure's review


Animal Voyage brings cute, cuddly graphics and familiar building gameplay

  • Very cute graphics
  • Familiar gameplay
  • Great time-killer
  • Free to play, but pay to actually win
  • Long wait times to build anything

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"Save the animals and rebuild the sanctuary"


Cute, furry animals are pretty much done for on a flooded island, and their only means of rescue is you. On your iOS or Android device, Alex will guide you in rescuing exotic animals in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure and in caring for them, rebuilding the broken, flooded animal sanctuary, which will now serve as their new safe haven. To free an animal, you’ll have to play a quick match-3 puzzle mini game. You’ll have to spend crystals to rebuild your island, and like any standard, freemium building game, wait for the building process to complete.


Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is free to play, and features visually appealing cute graphics. Gameplay is also familiar and quite easy to get into. Despite having long wait times, this makes for a quick time-killer every couple of hours.


The freemium paywall will hit you hard. Crystals, which are necessary for pretty much everything in-game, takes hours to regenerate, forcing you to pay if you actually want to play this game efficiently.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Feb 19, 2016

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